Canada-based Quiz Sponsor RUTH FOLEU Congratulates Quiz Contestants & Winners, Encourages ‘Invest in Limbe’

The CEO of MOIWO HOPE FOUNDATION wrote to the Quiz Master this morning: “I am writing to thank you all for taking time to participate in today’s quiz. I sincerely appreciate. Your commitment was very encouraging and it gave me a reason to be more committed to what I do.

It’s commendable how you organize your time to inspire entrepreneurs and put Limbe on the map. I am extremely grateful. I count myself privileged to share this platform. Keep up this outstanding performance. I am so excited and certain we will grow this project together. Moiwo Hope Foundation pledges her endless support. Your commitment to what you do has strengthen the entrepreneur culture in Limbe and i am certain it will go beyond.

The mission of our foundation is to make the world a better place by empowering and giving hope to the underprivileged through social initiatives. We believe in teaching individuals how to fish rather than giving them fish. Our visions are interwoven and i am certain we will go a long way together.

To the Quiz Winners I say a Big Congratulations. Pauline Mbilla, Oben Adolf and Tina Blink you will be the next quiz sponsors. The future holds a lot of beautiful surprises for you all. Don’t forget “we pay it forward” go out there and be the difference,” writes the Quiz Sponsor.

BIG THANK YOU, QUIZ SPONSOR RUTH FOLEU. We are so grateful you shared your love with the Quiz Winners and This Platform during yesterday”s Quiz. Count on our support for the implementation of your vision for entrepreneurial culture promotion in Cameroon. God Bless You.