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“Her name is Moiwo. True to the meaning of her name, the world came to her rescue after she lost her dear mom at the tender age of 5. There’s an African adage that says, “it takes a village to raise a child”. Moiwo was that child that a village of family, friends and communities fed, educated, sheltered and raised into adulthood.

Charitable acts from people of good will, secured the future that shaped her into the woman she has become.

Today Moiwo lives in Canada with her husband and three adorable children. Determined to “pay it forward” by transforming the lives of young people experiencing the same challenges she faced while growing up.

Who We Are

The Moiwo Hope Foundation is a God fearing and charitable non-governmental organisation. With the assumption that everyone has a unique talent and potential that if harnessed may positively transform their life; the Moiwo Hope Foundation encourages and empowers individuals to meet their full potential.

Empowering and giving hope to the underprivileged through social initiatives.

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