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What We Do

The Moiwo Hope Foundation provides a platform of endless opportunities for success to the underprivileged. Believing that sublime things often come out of chaos, the Foundation fosters a spirit of grit, determination, and hard work through Skill Development, Empowerment, and Education.

Our Mission Statement

Empowering and giving hope to the underprivileged through social initiatives.

Skill Development

We provide free vocational training to the underprivileged in Rural and Urban areas, via vocational schools and seasoned entrepreneurs. They train our beneficiaries as apprentices in areas such as Tailoring, Carpentry, Construction, etc.

Self Empowerment

Most often people have the desire to take up and realize projects of their own but lack the financial support and required skills. We help them become independent by either providing them with capital to set up their own petit businesses or material support such as farming tools, fertilizers, and/or  grains to plant during the farming season.  After a specified period, we expect them to pay it forward. This will provide capital for another person to setup up their own business or assist another farmer with grains collected from their harvest.


Due to the ongoing crisis in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon, many people fled their communities to seek refuge in neighbouring towns and villages. Abandoning their source of income and making it difficult for some parents to send their children to school. The Moiwo Hope Foundation aims to support students in such situations by securing academic admissions for them and providing tuition allowances so they can continue their education.

Our foundation pays for the school fees, uniforms and textbooks for the students. Students don’t own the textbooks; these books belong to the foundation. As they progress to the next class, they will be required to return the books to the foundation so other student benefit from it and the circle continues.

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